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BogSwap, our wildly popular DEX aggregator, is now available on the Fantom(FTM) chain.

It’s our latest cross-chain offering, after Cronos, Polygon and of course Binance Smart Chain. We can’t wait to expose FTM users to the power of BogSwap, and in due course, our entire product line.

In case you’re a Fantom user who’s new to BogSwap, here are some of its noted…

November has been an excellent month for us here at We saw BogCharts usage skyrocket past previous ATH’s, and our tools processed more volume than ever before, with some figures twice as high as October.

As with the past couple of months, here is our November report for the…

The Ultimate Sniper is LIVE, and we’re here to help you get the most out of the Ultimate Sniper.

Warning: The Bogged.Finance Sniper is a pro feature, which carries a high risk for inexperienced traders.

Why use the Bogged Ultimate Sniper over other options?

  • It’s a real mempool sniper that runs directly in your browser.
  • It doesn’t actually cost…

Bogged Finance

Bogged Finance is the home of DeFi Limit Orders, Stop Losses, DEX Aggregation, Charts and more.

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