As part of our ongoing efforts to make BogSwap the premier swapping solution for the Binance Smart Chain, we’re excited to announce a huge upgrade to BogSwap.


From Tuesday, BogSwap will automatically detect Honeypots and strongly discourage you from purchasing tokens that cannot be traded back. Of course, some weird tokens with cooldowns may be triggered by this feature, which is why you can choose to ignore the warning.

Better Usability

BogSwap will now provide clear error messages when transactions are unable to be submitted for various reasons, ending the “High Gas Error” in Metamask.

We’re excited to be adding the following DEX’s to Bogswap

  • MDEX
  • WaultSwap
  • Babyswap
  • Bakeryswap
  • BiSwap

Stay tuned for further updates for BogSwap as we continue to build BogSwap into the future.

Buy BOG:

As part of our efforts to make BogSwap the premier DEX Aggregation platform on BSC, we’ve been hard at work building a better routing API which delivers routes that are consistently better for the user.

We’re excited to announce the next evolution of BogSwap, launching today.

BogSwap will now route your trades through the most optimal route throughs three new options, Synapse Protocol (Formerly Nerve), Nerve Pools, ACryptoS &

Where on PancakeSwap you could lose up to 1% of your trade value when routing through stable pools, on Bogswap you could potentially come out ahead when swapping through stablepools…

Launching 18/09 you’ll be able to buy BNB with fiat straight from BogSwap, allowing you to very quickly hop into that great new token launch.

We’re excited to be integrating Ramp into our platform to expand the product offering and continue to make BogSwap the premier all-in-one platform on BSC for trading.

About Ramp

Ramp is an onramping solution for Crypto that is available in 170 countries and territories around the globe. Allowing for simple bank transfers or card payments to convert fiat into crypto, Ramp is one of the leaders in this space.

Stay Up to Date

A Limited Edition Set of 100 Unique Animated Sminem NFTs

To celebrate becoming one of BSC’s most widely used charting and trading platforms we are going back to our origins and launching an exclusive NFT range based upon the crypto pop-culture references our project was launched around.

The collection will be minted with a Limited Edition Set of 100 Unique Sminem GIF NFT’s and an additional set of static images.

The Collection

The Sminem NFT collection will consist of the following:

  • 100 exclusive animated GIF Sminems
  • 250+ basic Sminems

Each Sminem will be a high quality, totally unique, artwork.

How can I get an exclusive Sminem GIF?

The Sminem NFT…

We’re proud to announce the launch of The Ultimate Sniper on the 30th of September 2021.

The Ultimate Sniper is a completely reimagined sniper building upon months of Research and Development along with our extensive experience as the leader of BSC sniping tools. This sniper truly competes with the biggest and best of the custom mempool snipers, and brings that power to those who hold at least 7500 BOG.

The Existing Sniper will remain available on Bogged Finance, and remains extremely capable for most launches.

This sniper will allow users to snipe tokens that have historically been impossible to…

We’re excited to announce the release of BogCharts 3.2, including many under the hood performance upgrades, along with visual upgrades which will make the trading experience on BogCharts better than ever.

New BogSwap Integration
The new and improved BogSwap with improved routing has been added to BogCharts, and is now opened by default. This is configurable in the settings menu.

Your Trading History
You’ll now be able to see your profit and loss over the whole time you’ve traded a token.

Premium Feature: Disable Ads
Users with 5000 BOG can choose to disable banner ads in the advanced settings menu.

BogSwap is getting an upgrade to become the premier DEX Aggregator on BSC, we’re adding a few cool new features that will make it better than ever.

Synapse Protocol Support (Formerly Nerve Finance)
Nerve provides almost 1:1 swaps for USD Stablecoins, that’s why it’s a no-brainer to add Nerve support to BogSwap.

A swap on Nerve for 50000 USDT to BUSD would output 49995 BUSD. Whereas on Pancakeswap currently, it outputs 49789 BUSD. That’s a $200 difference.

Now, when trading across stablecoins, or even through tokens that are based against different stablecoins, you’ll get the absolute best price possible.


The BOG Migration started on June 1st 2021, when we migrated the token to a new contract. Anyone who held old BOG on the 23rd of May at 11AM was eligible to claim the new BOG tokens.

Now it’s time to announce the end of the BOG Migration.

What’s happening?
On the 29th of August 2021 the ability to claim BOG from the Migration Contract will be disabled, and the remaining unclaimed BOG will be considered abandoned and burned.

Why is this happening?
It’s important that we move forward with the development of Bogged Finance, and keeping the claim period active…

We’re excited to announce the addition of the BOG Solo Staking pool to Bogged Finance. This pool returns the profits of the Bogged.Finance platform to BOG investors.

Investors who hold BOG solely to support the project instead of for access to tool usage, or those who purchase more bog than necessary to use the tools are now able to earn a reward on their investment into the project and team by solo staking their bog, earning them a share of the platform fees.

The Staking Pool
The staking pool does not contribute to BOG Priority, meaning that tokens staked are staked…

We are excited to announce that Bogged Finance has gone through the KYC identity verification process and has now been APPROVED.

You can view our compliance NFT here:

We are committed to safety & security for our investors and we believe this to be a strong positive step for our community.

We want to build community trust and confidence in the project leadership, and as such, Assure offers one the most robust and differentiated KYC service for projects in the crypto space and this is why we used them.

Bogged Finance

$Bog —https://Bogged.Finance/ is the home of Limit Orders, Stop Losses, DEX Aggregation, Charts and more for the Binance Smart Chain.

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