Announcing BOGPriceBot, a Telegram Price Bot for your token.

Key Information:
What is it:
A price bot that allows users of a token’s telegram channel to ask for /price or /chart, among other commands.
Who is it for: Token teams to use on their Telegram Channels.
When is it launching: Monday 28/06/2021
What’s the fee: It’s 100% free.

At Bogged.Finance we feel that it’s important to build tools, not only for traders, but for token teams too. That’s why we’re pleased to announce one of our first tools for token teams, the BOGPriceBot.

The BOGPriceBot is a free, simple, and ad-free way of helping the users of your telegram group keep up to date with the latest price and information of your token.

The BOGPriceBot supports BSC tokens listed on Pancakeswap V1, V2, and ApeSwap.

Free, in every sense.

The BOGPriceBot is absolutely free — no strings attached, there are no ads cluttering up your channel attempting to steal your investors. And there’s no subscription to pay either.

A Simple Interface

The BOGPriceBot is super simple to setup and can be live in your Telegram Chat in just two minutes. All you have to do is follow the simple prompts to setup your custom BSC Price Bot.

Advanced Features

As part of our efforts to support token teams in growing their token, every single advanced feature of the BOGPriceBot is free and easy to use.

  • Edit your Price Message.
  • Add Custom Commands
  • Contract and Chart Commands
  • More coming soon!
It’s really that simple.


The BOGPriceBot will be available for token teams to use, at no cost to them, starting from Monday 28/06/2021.

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