Announcing the Bogged.Finance Token Launch Sniper

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Low Orbiting Bog Cannon (Artists Impression)

As we’ve seen with Refinable, and hundreds of other token launches, it can often be extremely difficult to get in early on these tokens. And you can sometimes miss out on significant gains while fiddling with PancakeSwap and trying to send transactions fast enough to catch launches before they moon.

We’ve recently learned that people were using our Limit Order platform to snipe Pancakeswap V1 launches with incredible success, sometimes being in the first 5 transactions for popular new tokens.

Weve used the lessons from that to create an even better product for Token Launch Sniping.

Announcing Token Listing Sniper for Bogged.Finance

The Token Listing Sniper on Bogged.Finance will make it simple and easy for BOG holders to be the first to purchase new listings on Pancakeswap.

Launch Date

The Bogged.Finance Token Sniper launches on Sunday the 2nd of May.

How it Works
We’ve designed an effective, fast and scalable limit order system for Pancakeswap, and using that technology we’ve adjusted it and refined it to become the best token listing sniping system for Pancakeswap.

You’ll have to forgive us for being light on the specifics, and keeping the source closed, because if you shared exactly how it worked — the competition would spring up fast.

To take advantage of the Bogged.Finance Token Listing Sniper, users will need to hold a BOG balance. There will be three tiers.

Token Listing Sniper Tiers

Basic: Requires at least 250 BOG in your Account.
$10 fee per order
+ Dedicated High Performance Node monitors your orders
+ Prioritises Orders based on your BOG balance.
Pro: Requires at least 500 BOG in your Account.
$7.5 fee per order
+ Dedicated High Performance Node monitors your orders
+ Prioritises Orders based on your BOG balance.
+ Uses extreme amounts of GAS to stay ahead of the crowd.
+ More exclusive tier means that your order has the best chance of being executed faster.

LOW ORBITING BOG CANNON: 2500 BOG in your Account.
Lower $5 fee per order

+ Prioritised Orders

To take advantage of this, users will need to hold a BOG balance.
Buy some $BOG to take advantage of this feature from Sunday the 2nd of May 2021.

Buy $BOG on Bogged.Finance | Buy $BOG on Pancakeswap v1


Q: Will this be audited?
A: Yes, in due course. However, it will remain closed source to prevent clones and forks from competing with the Token Listing Sniper.

Q: Do you need my private key
A: We do not need access to your private key. You will send your funds to the smart contract which will hold your funds until your snipe is executed.

Q: On-Chain Sniping? How is this possible?
A: We’ve taken the best parts of our Limit Order technology, which delivers on-chain limit orders, and have improved it to build the best publicly-avaliable token listing sniper out there.

Q: Is this guaranteed to work?
A: Nothing is guaranteed. This is a Pro Feature, however, we’ve seen incredible success sniping token launches for instant profits. We were able to make dozens of BNB in profits during our beta test during the Refinable launch ($FINE), we would have made (much, much) more if we had sold at the top — instead of after it crashed. 😅

Q: Some tokens have Max Transaction size limits, how does the Bog Sniper handle that?
A: You will have to submit your transactions in a way that respects the tokens Max Transaction Size & Slippage Rules. There is no limit to the number of Sniping Transactions you can queue up, however. Every token is different, and it is your responsibility to ensure the order is setup in a way that allows it to execute.

Q: What if tokens start banning bots?
A: Good. We’ll start deploying workarounds and our users will enjoy less competition from competing bots.

$Bog —https://Bogged.Finance/ is the home of Limit Orders, Stop Losses, DEX Aggregation, Charts and more for the Binance Smart Chain.