Anti-Honeypot, More DEX’s & Better Usability — BogSwap Update Launches Tuesday

As part of our ongoing efforts to make BogSwap the premier swapping solution for the Binance Smart Chain, we’re excited to announce a huge upgrade to BogSwap.


From Tuesday, BogSwap will automatically detect Honeypots and strongly discourage you from purchasing tokens that cannot be traded back. Of course, some weird tokens with cooldowns may be triggered by this feature, which is why you can choose to ignore the warning.

Better Usability

BogSwap will now provide clear error messages when transactions are unable to be submitted for various reasons, ending the “High Gas Error” in Metamask.

We’re excited to be adding the following DEX’s to Bogswap

  • MDEX

Stay tuned for further updates for BogSwap as we continue to build BogSwap into the future.

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