BOG Tokenomics Update: Vote Passed & Tokenomics Changed

Recently, a Governance Vote about our Tokenomics passed. Holders of $BOG overwhelmingly voted to lower the transaction fee and introduce a 1% BOG Burn.

The new tokenomics have been implemented and are as follows:

4% Total Transaction Fee, comprising of:
- 1% Burn
- 2% LP Staking
- 1% Compensation Staking (Auto Liquidity)

(Please note that the 1% Burn occurs during the Auto-Liquify transactions, and not during every single transaction like other tokens.)

Additionally, the vote passed three other resolutions, which will be implemented over the coming weeks.
+ Introduction of a Solo Staking Pool from Tool Revenue
+ Inclusion of APE LP into Priority Calculation
+ Previously Allocated Burn funds now used for Marketing and Development

Governance Voting Results:
FOR: 4.5 Million BOG
AGAINST: 0.259 Million BOG

Thanks for being a part of the BOG Community, and stay tuned for further governance votes.



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