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BogCharts 3.2 Releases Wednesday 8/9

We’re excited to announce the release of BogCharts 3.2, including many under the hood performance upgrades, along with visual upgrades which will make the trading experience on BogCharts better than ever.

New BogSwap Integration
The new and improved BogSwap with improved routing has been added to BogCharts, and is now opened by default. This is configurable in the settings menu.

Your Trading History
You’ll now be able to see your profit and loss over the whole time you’ve traded a token.

Premium Feature: Disable Ads
Users with 5000 BOG can choose to disable banner ads in the advanced settings menu.

Portfolio Spam Fixes
We’ve now added a ban list for malicious tokens, meaning that you won’t see fake tokens in your portfolio anymore.

BOG APE-LP Support
You’ll now be able to track how much BNB-BOG APE-LP you have farming on ApeSwap.

Single Blocks Support
The single blocks mode of the charts has been completely reworked to provide for a better experience during launches.

Improved Launches
BogCharts will now more reliably chart new tokens as they launch.

Embeddable BogCharts
You can now embed any chart on any webpage by adding ?token=<address>&embed=1 to the URL.

Additionally, there have been various Bugfixes and Improvements across the charting platform which improve stability and reliability, and set us up for the Polygon Update to come.

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