Bogged: A refreshed ethos for the future of DeFi

We’re taking steps to place ourselves at the forefront of Web3 and DeFi. Read on to find out more about the future of the Bogged Ecosystem.

We’ve always been at the cutting edge of DeFi trading. From being the first platform to implement true DeFi limit orders, to becoming a go-to DEX Aggregation destination, we’ve gained a reputation for delivering cutting edge products at an incredible pace.

The recent market slowdown hasn’t phased our users; since reaching $2 billion trading volume on May 5th our tools usage is continuing on a steady growth trajectory, as shown by our newly-launched stats portal.

Internally, we’ve been using this period of time to focus on the direction we wish to take as a DeFi project. Growth has always been our objective, and one way of achieving growth is through innovation. We have development plans laid out for the coming months that will lay the groundwork for our platform to become the go-to site for anyone wishing to trade on any DeFi platform.

Along with this focus on developmental innovation, we’ve also taken our brand image into consideration. After careful analysis of how users perceive our brand, as well as the direction we want to move in, we’ve taken the decision to move from Bogged Finance to Bogged.

Developing our ethos and laying the foundation for further development.

At Bogged our goal has always been to become a go-to platform for every aspect of DeFi trading, Our released products have reflected this; we’ve created tools to fill many needed gaps presented by the emerging DeFi market.

On this journey, we became synonymous with certain elements of DeFi. For example, traders on social media having difficulty trading certain tokens would organically get pointed in our direction, with “Have you tried swapping on Bogged?” becoming a common response to common problems.

More and more, we saw users referring to us by the shorthand Bogged in this context. At the same time, we were looking at ways to create a brand identity that would prevail through into the next generation of Web3 development and remain true to our origins as a project.

With this in mind, we’re delighted to announce our rebrand into Bogged. Our same principles are still in play- we’re just as set on creating the future of DeFi trading, and we’ve got the plans to see it happen. The only thing that’s changing is our brand identity and design principles, our product line-up and DeFi token will remain unchanged.

A new brand identity to reflect the future of Web3 and DeFi

With this announcement, we’ve launched a redesign of our landing page, available at

This new page encapsulates our new design philosophy and principles, and better lays out our ambition to become a one-stop destination for DeFi trading and more.

From the homepage, users will be able to find out more about us, the ecosystem, and how to use it. We’re placing an emphasis on ease of use and accessibility to welcome new DeFi users in, using concise help docs and an Academy portal.

We’re also placing massive emphasis on something that has proved a pillar of the DeFi sphere; collaboration. This focus began last week with the launch of a dedicated teams portal, which has allowed DeFi project leads/developers to easily grow and develop their project with the help of the Bogged platform.

We believe this approach to growing trust with both DeFi users and DeFi developers is essential to fostering a strong, reliant ecosystem, which is what we intend on developing.

A more unified DeFi solution line-up

To complement our rebranding and redesign, we’ve slightly changed the way we refer to some of our products, namely BogCharts and BogSwap.

From today, you’ll find the same advanced DeFi tools available under:

Bogged DEX Aggregator One of DeFi’s most recognised DEX Aggregators, providing traders with the best possible price for their swaps along with other advanced tools

Find out more about the Bogged DEX Aggregator

Visit Bogged DEX Aggregator

Bogged DeFi Charts A slick, responsive charting experience, favoured by over 4 Million monthly visitors

Find out more about Bogged DeFi charts

Visit Bogged DeFi charts

The future of Bogged

Internally, it’s full steam ahead for our development team. They are currently in the midst of working on the foundations of a next-generation DeFi trading platform. Considered that the Bogged platform in its current iteration attracts $20M daily volume and 4M monthly visitors, the future potential here is clearly evident.

Our goal has always been mass recognition; we aim to become the one stop shop for DeFi trading, whether that be on BNB Chain, Cronos, Fantom or any future chains. Currently, we believe we’re well on the path of achieving this goal considering the excellent platform adoption we’re seeing, yet we have more tools and features in the pipeline.

We’ll announce these in due course, so we suggest keeping an eye on our outlets for this news.

To stay tuned to our upcoming news and releases, make sure to follow us here, on Twitter, and on our Telegram Announcement Channel. We’ve also started posting announcements to Publish0x. If you have any questions, our supportive and knowledgeable staff are happy to answer them in our Telegram Group or Discord. Remember, our staff will never DM you first, nor will they ask for private keys.



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