Bogged Development Update

Welcome to our long-form developer update, where we take a dive into the projects and features that our team is working on.

Following the positive reception of our weekly wrap-up posts, we’ve decided to begin posting more internal updates and informative posts so our users can keep up to speed with what we’re getting up to.

Routing Upgrade

Currently, our DEX Aggregation router supports over 50 DEXes across 10 chains, and allows for advanced features such as AutoTax. We are currently working on various upgrades to our routing system, which will among other things allow users to swap any token on any compatible Uniswap/Pancakewap fork recognised by our new and improved liquidity API. This upgrade will initially be available on BNB Chain/Avalanche/Polygon/Cronos/Fantom.

This will greatly benefit end-users, who will notice even cheaper trades thanks to the many more liquidity pools available to them.

Expanding the coverage of our routing will solidify our DEX Aggregator as the most extensive aggregator in terms of access to liquidity currently on the market, putting us ahead of much larger competitors and also lays the foundation for cross-chain swaps and a routing API, both great future developments themselves.


We are in the process of implementing a governance module and forum that will allow holders of the BOG token to propose developments and changes. We believe this will add further utility to the BOG token and also decentralise Bogged’s roadmap by allowing holders to have a say in the direction the platform moves in.

As a DEX Aggregator and trading tool provider Bogged is positioned to be able to drive value to third party platforms, this move will incentivise projects and chains looking for integration to acquire BOG tokens to make the relevant development proposals for integration, which drives value to our ecosystem. This feedback loop has been proven countless times on other platforms such as Uniswap and Curve.

Network Validators

Order fulfilment will be opened up to validators selected through the upcoming governance system.

There are many advantages to this for the end user, including improved fill times and prices, thanks to the competition generated between various validators to provide the best execution speed and rate. On the back-end, running this type of validator selection system will allow the platform to support higher user and trade volumes, providing a better experience for users.

Using governance-based validator selection ensures order fulfilment operates in a decentralised manner and provides a good balance between order execution performance for users and keeping value within our ecosystem.

We will be releasing more detailed write-ups of the coming changes as we move closer to release.

Front-end code improvements

Henrik and Valdo are working hard on backend code that will lay the foundation for various UX and UI improvements. These tweaks will be particularly important when we upgrade the trading site to follow our new branding and design ethos

Expanding Bogged Bot

Brett is working on improvements to our ever-popular Telegram price bot, and is also in the later stages of work on a Discord bot with the same functionality.

The Bogged rebrand — building recognition and awareness

Den, our Business Development specialist, is continuing to reach out to our media and business partners to ensure our new branding is recognised and publicised.

Developing partnerships and collaboration opportunities

Den is also closely working with several new and existing partners with the aim of growing Bogged’s reach through collaboration. We’re excited to share these partnerships with our community, once they develop beyond the pre-release stage.

That’s all for now, we look forward to sharing more news with you in the next Developer Update!

If you’d like to learn more about the Bogged platform, please visit If you’d like to get in touch with the team or community, you can do so on Reddit, Twitter, Discord and our Telegram Group.

For more information about upcoming features you can follow us on our Medium or Telegram Channel.



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