Bogged Finance 2021 Roundup — Stats, Facts, News and More


Come join us for our final monthly roundup, where we look back at what has been an incredible year.

2021 has been an exciting time for the Bogged Finance team and community. We have grown at an incredible pace since the early days, when our small and dedicated team “took the call” to provide much-needed BSC trading and charting tools. Now, at the end of 2021, the same passionate team, as well as some new arrivals from across the globe, are working hard on maintaining and improving a DeFi trading suite that processes hundreds of millions of Dollars monthly, across ten chains and 53 DEXes.

Let’s begin with a quick rundown of our history to date.

Bogged Finance’s first year

Early Days

In early March, we launched with the simple goal of creating accurate BSC oracles, called “BogTools” at the time. One of the first “BogTools” was a price oracle, allowing users to access token prices. As there was a clear gap in the market for clean, accurate charts, our team saw the need to use this oracle to create the first iteration of BogCharts.

Another oracle created by the team was a verifiable random number generator, which laid the groundwork for casino and lottery dApps to be created by other projects.

In these early days, our team also had a vision to create a DeFi trading experience akin to what users of Centralized Exchanges were accustomed to. Many a DeFi trader has been frustrated by typical “swap” interfaces and their lack of transparency, as well as the lack of DeFi equivalents of basic tools such as limit orders and stop-losses.

On April 2nd, we launched our first iteration of DeFi limit buy orders on BSC. For the first time, DeFi traders were able to buy the dip, powered by our team’s prior revolutionary groundwork and our governance token $BOG. Limit sell orders launched shortly after on the 13th April.

Gaining Momentum…

Only one day after our Limit sell launched, we managed to break the top 100 BSC dApp list on DappRadar. This was to be the start of our rapid climb up the ranks as our user base began expanding. By April 18th, we had surpassed $1.25M of trading volume, and two days later, 1M charts had been viewed.

Seeing this huge and sudden demand for our charting platform meant we had to adapt quickly and we did, by increasing our server capacity by 4 times and launching ChartsV2 on April 21nd.

On April 23rd, we launched BogSwap. At the time, this was a simple tool, launched in light of the PancakeSwap migration, which allowed users to swap any PancakeSwap V1 token in exchange for BNB without fees. Little did we know, BogSwap was about to grow into one of DeFi’s leading swap providers.

By April 25th, BogSwap was routing trades through both PCS versions to find users the best available price. This was to become the framework for BogSwap’s DEX aggregation features we see today.

Traders were seriously noticing us by this stage. On April 27th, we boasted 1.16M daily pageviews and over $3M weekly volume through our Limit Order platform.

New features, new features, new features.

We began BogSwap’s DEX-aggregating legacy on May 2nd, by partnering with ApeSwap. Now, users could get the best price over two exchanges, and this was only the beginning.

On May 3rd, we introduced the infamous Bogged Finance Token Launch Sniper. This premium tool, aimed at experienced DeFi traders, placed the potential for massive profit into user’s hands.

One of our most anticipated trading tools, DeFi Stop-Losses, arrived on May 22nd. Now, traders could sleep soundly knowing that their funds were safe in case of an overnight market crash.

BogSwap usage was still growing exponentially thanks to its simple interface and cheaper trade costs, so the time was right to improve it even further. And so we did, on the 16th of June, with the Launch of BogSwap Advanced. It included features never before seen in any other swap interface, including Transaction Limit Bypass, something which astounded DeFi traders as this is conventionally extremely difficult to do.

Another highly-demanded feature, Trailing Stop-Losses, launched on 23rd of June. Now traders could lock in even more profits while keeping their initial investment safe.

On June 28, we launched BogPriceBot, an interactive bot for Telegram, a popular messaging app, particularly among the crypto community. The need for such a bot was evident from the many token chats being forced into using custom price bots to display up-to-date token information. BogPriceBot was extremely well received by token community moderators and dev teams, and in response we created support channels, such as a dedicated team member chat, to improve our line of communication with other projects who use our platform daily. Currently, BogPriceBot is showing BogChart and BogSwap links to millions of active Telegram users.

BogChartsV3 went live on July 9th, with an extremely modern UI, blazing-fast speeds and new features such as TX Plotting, Portfolio Tracking, Trending Tokens, Multichart and many more advanced features. A portion of the advertising revenue is also redistributed to $BOG holders.

Branching Outwards…

We had aimed to make our platform truly acceptable to all DeFi traders since we began making our tools. The first step of this process was initiated in late July, when our devs announced that they would be beginning the migration of our tools onto the Polygon Chain. This was still early days however, perfecting and polishing our existing BSC tools would be the priority for now.

Later in August, we took an extensive look at how we were approaching the marketing of our products. Until then, we had been focused primarily on launching and improving on products as our method of growth, however the DeFi sphere had changed drastically since the early days. We decided to expand our team with an emphasis on product relations development, and use this team to focus on increasing awareness and making strategic partnerships with key DeFi players. This allowed our dev team to focus more on what they do best, and also allowed us to lay the foundation for our eventual cross-chain expansion.

BogSwap also got some attention on August 26th, with auto-tax being one of the features being added. Two weeks later, we also added more advanced routing optimisations and even more DEXes.

On September 17th, we were pleased to announce the first CEX listing of $BOG. Hopefully the first of many for us.

The DeFi trading scene had gone through many changes since our Token Launch Sniper first launched. It was time to give it a bit of an upgrade, so on October 1st we launched the Ultimate Sniper, an incredibly powerful upgrade to its predecessor.

In mid Octobe we began uploading articles to BogAcademy, a one-stop DeFi trading education portal. BogAcademy includes a huge range of SEO-friendly articles covering common DeFi questions, safety tips and more advanced topics. Our hope going forward is to draw in people who are new to the crypto space by presenting them with articles that are easy to understand and follow, and then introduce them to our tools through these articles.

Focusing on growth…

In November, we announced our #NoStopNovember initiative. As part of this, we focused on making major partnerships with other DeFi teams, ramping up development of upcoming features, launching several major marketing campaigns and expanding the core team.

Through this campaign we began or expanded upon 8 Partnerships including ONTO Wallet, BabySwap, DappRadar, CNTOKEN, DexIRA, BSCNews, ImmuneFi and BitGlobal

During this month, we saw our monthly volume surge to $174M and the number of transactions our tools made almost doubled to 223k.

Four days after BogCharts celebrated doubling its visitor numbers, BogChartsv4 was released to the public on December 10th. It had been in a very successful beta test for the previous couple of weeks, where we saw over 30k users submit valuable feedback within a week, allowing us to create an even more powerful and user-oriented charting tool. Along with this release, our first cross-chain offering was made available, with Polygon BogCharts. Some other notable features included honeypot detection, trust score, multiple wallet tracking and more.

Only four days later, BogSwap went cross-chain. Polygon users were now able to avail of BogSwap’s powerful features, which now included faster, better routing, more price information, improved gas price settings, the ability to save custom tokens, wrapping and unwrapping native tokens and pre-approval for any unlaunched tokens.

The start of Bogged Finance cross-chain domination

With the cross-chain foundations laid, our team was able to begin rapidly moving functionality over to other chains, continuing with the BogPriceBot, which received Polygon support on December 15th. This set off an avalanche of new cross-chain offerings. Now, at the end of December 2021, BogSwap is currently supported on all of the following chains:

  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon
  • Cronos
  • Fantom
  • Avalanche
  • Harmony One
  • MoonRiver
  • KuCoin Chain
  • HECO Chain
  • OKExChain

Throughout all of these chains BogSwap supports 53 DEXes, meaning traders can use our swap, rest assured that they are truly getting the best price for their trade.

As of December 2021, we have grown to $250M of monthly transaction volume through our smart contracts, a massive increase considering our short time on the scene.

That leaves us all caught up with events to date. It’s been quite the journey but it isn’t over yet! So let’s find out…

What’s next?

As we enter Q1 of 2022, our priority will be on cross-chain expansion, both on the development and strategic partnership front.

On the development side, we will keep pushing out updates to bring our full range of DeFi trading tools to as many other chains as possible. For example, Polygon traders should shortly be able to use stop-losses, limit orders and more. Our dev team is also hard at work on creating BogBridge, a highly-anticipated tool which will allow users to effortlessly swap their assets between chains, powered by $BOG. This will eventually pave the way for full BogSwap integration, creating an incredibly powerful DeFi trading platform.

Our development team is also hard at work on new and innovative features such as BogFolio, which will be a beneficial addition to any DeFi trader’s arsenal of tools.

Meanwhile the marketing team will be hard at work on getting the Bogged Finance name recognised across these new chains. We have first mover advantage on many of these chains, where the trading tool offering can be inadequate or nonexistent, so having recognition on these will be hugely beneficial as the DeFi sphere grows over time. A recent key partnership we made was with DexScreener, one of the most popular multi-chain charting platforms for several EVM chains. Thanks to this arrangement, BogSwap links will appear to their thousands of users who look at Cronos, Fantom and Avalanche charts daily.

Our marketing team will be spending most of Q1

We will have a revamped roadmap released early in the new year reflecting these endeavours, as well as some more communication from the respective teams about their plans going forward.

As a Bogged Finance supporter or follower, you can expect to see many developments on these two fronts. To get news of these updates as they come out, make sure to subscribe to our announcement telegram on

In the longer-term, we have many more planned features, products and partnerships, all part of the greater plan; to become the ultimate one-stop shop for any Defi trader. We’ve been hard at work for the past year and we’re not going to slow down until we reach our goal.

To all our supporters, thank you. We cannot wait to show you what we have planned for the new year, and we’re looking forward to having you along for the ride. In the meantime, make sure to join in the conversation on our social channels. We are proud to have an incredibly active and involved community who have inspired us along this journey.

To everyone reading this, we hope you’ve had an excellent New Year’s Celebration, and we hope to have you along for our journey in 2022.

-The Bogged Finance Team



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