Bogged.Finance in Numbers: November


November has been an excellent month for us here at We saw BogCharts usage skyrocket past previous ATH’s, and our tools processed more volume than ever before, with some figures twice as high as October.

As with the past couple of months, here is our November report for the ecosystem, including stats, news and more.

On-Chain Activity

On-Chain Activity is a measure of how much volume passes through our smart contracts, such as limit orders and BogSwap. All data is gathered from dappradar.

The amount of unique wallet addresses interacting with our contracts has risen 67% to 34,030

The amount of transactions has risen 47.24% to 223,710

Our volume for the past month stands at $174.23 Million, which is a $79 Million increase compared to October.

Tools Usage

Our general tool usage has increased greatly as shown by our on-chain activity. We’ve compiled some more detailed information about our other tools below. All data is self-reported.


In November we doubled our unique visitor count. We displayed our detailed charts to over 1.64 Million.viewers, all who would also have seen our promoted tokens, ad space and integrated premium tools.

Our Public BogCharts v4 Beta reached over 30,000 people within a week of launch, all who are leaving very valuable feedback to ensure we launch the most competitive and cutting-edge multichain charting platform.

Bogged.Finance Telegram Bot

Our Telegram Bot is proving to be a market leader in serving fast and accurate charts and price information to Telegram users in token project group chats. Teams are loving the ease of setup and versatility of the bot, and adaptation is therefore climbing rapidly. We expect the bot’s exposure to grow even more once multichain is implemented.

The bot, when used, is exposing millions to branding as well as links to our platform.

To date, the bot is in 4,845 group chats, and visible to 3,523,005 Telegram users.

Social Media Exposure

We draw potential new users to our platform by increasing our Social Media exposure. Our marketing team has been hard at work ensuring that stands out above the noise of cryptocurrency tech social marketing.


Our main Telegram group chat @boggedfinance is a place for people to hang out and discuss all things DeFi and BOG. We’ve been running community campaigns such as competitions to encourage growth here.

In November, we saw 5816 new users join, which is 3x last month’s new user count. Of all our users, 10% are active in the chat and they have sent almost 50k messages!


With 680,000 tweet impressions, an increase of 32.4%. November was a banner month on Twitter. Our mentions increased 18.9% to 5,392 and our followers boomed by over 1.2k.

The Token

$BOG is the governance token of our platform, used to pay for premium tools and more. Here are some stats from the past month:

Since last month, the value of $BOG has skyrocketed to $2.13 and retraced healthily to a floor of $1.60-$1.80 prior to a market-wide retracing in early December. We saw our first day of trading volume above $1 Million.

875,610 Tokens have been burned through trading taxes, which is almost 6% of the total supply. (Worth $1.5M at current prices)

Our liquidity has also increased to $6.19M across all DEXes, showing that we have a dedicated pool of long-term stakers gaining from their holdings.

Since the end of October, we have distributed 12k tokens to Solo Stakers, who receive a share of platform revenue. 100k tokens have gone to LP Stakers, who are getting a share of trading fees.

Other News


In November, we put a larger internal emphasis on BogAcademy, after we saw the desperate need for a comprehensive DeFi how-to resource. We have many articles written and ready for release, these will go live shortly.

Christmas Community Campaign

We are running a Christmas campaign to encourage people to be more active across our channels. There’ll be hundreds of dollars worth of prizes to be won for a huge variety of quizzes, competitions and more!

Founder AMA with John and Luke

On November 24, our co-founders took questions from the community in a 1hr long voice AMA on Telegram. Below are some of the things they revealed:

Certik audit — we have just submitted our final documentation to the well-established audit organization Certik. Their stringent standards are sure to increase investor confidence in our Smart Contracts, which is hugely important as we branch into new chains.

Immunefi bug bounty — We are now offering a generous bug bounty for monetary bugs.

Trading Site — We are working on a brand new Referral Program which will reward people for directing traffic to our tools

Cross-chain — A launch date will be given after the Certik audit is finished, as we want all contracts to be completely audited and safe. The bridge beta for BSC / Polygon / FTM / AVAX is fully operational.


All in all, it has been quite the eventful month for us here at Bogged.Finance. There are many things happening behind the scenes, and we can’t wait to show you what the December and January recaps look like.



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