Bogged Finance Weekly Wrap-Up 8/5

Welcome to this weeks Weekly Wrap-up, we’re excited to have a few new things to talk about, so let’s jump in.

New Bogged Finance website

We’ve been working on the new Bogged Finance website, and it’s ready to go live this coming week!

We can’t wait to share it with you, a lot of effort has gone into it, to help us better communicate our offering to Token Teams, Users and Developers.

Bogged Help Center

The help center has launched, along with our support platform. This will help users who have issues to easily troubleshoot, and if necessary get in contact with our team.

Not many DeFi applications have genuine support, so we see this as another point of difference for Bogged. We’re also rolling out an update soon to automatically suggest potential fixes for encountered issues, and even suggest getting in contact with our team if the issue persists.

Of course, our intention is to minimise errors when using the platform, but some issues are unavoidable when supporting 4 wallet protocols, a plethora of actual wallets, 10 chains, and tens of thousands of daily transactions.

This platform will also help us identify reoccuring errors more easily and identify any patterns, so that we can more effectively respond to changes in browsers, wallets that cause issues with our platform.

Trading Site Update

The trading site has had a mostly maintenance update with many bugfixes and the addition of support for Brave Wallet.

Thanks for reading this weeks Weekly-Wrap up and we’ll see you next week.

Luke Martinez
Bogged Finance




Bogged is the home of DeFi Limit Orders, Stop Losses, DEX Aggregation, Charts and more.

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Bogged is the home of DeFi Limit Orders, Stop Losses, DEX Aggregation, Charts and more.

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