Bogged Incubation announcement: Working with K9ICKS to create a premiere Web3 gaming experience

Bogged will be working closely with the upcoming NFT and token project to help kickstart its growth. Read on to find out more about the partnership, and how the Bogged community will benefit from this.

Today, we are announcing the first Bogged Incubation Partner — a special type of partnership between Bogged and a Web3/Blockchain project. This partnership allows for many benefits to the Bogged platform, our partner, and Bogged users, and aligns with our expansion goals as discussed in our last article.

You may already have heard of incubation within traditional financing and some Web3 investment circles. Essentially, incubators provide support and resources that industry start-ups may find difficult to access due to lack of funding or industry exposure. Support often goes beyond simply financial contributions- it could include access to networking opportunities, investors and mentors.

This is exactly the support that Bogged hopes to extend to fledgling Web3 projects; our ultimate goal is to use our position as a key DeFi trading platform to nurture a vibrant community of Web3 utilities, including everything from financial tools to blockchain gaming.

Let’s dive straight into our first Incubation Partner — K9ICKS. We’ll take a closer look at what Bogged Incubation can do for other DeFi projects later in the article.

Our first Incubation Partner: K9ICKS — The world’s premiere Web3 Football Community

Bogged are pleased to announce that our first Incubation Partner will be K9ICKS (; a Play-to-Earn Metaverse Football game designed to finally harness the most important traits of NFTs to create the type of Web3 gaming experience the GameFi community has been searching for: Collectability, Exclusivity, and Versatility.

At the core of K9ICKS lies a concept that will feel very similar to many gamers, combining the most exciting elements of Trading Card Games with the Ultimate Team game mode found in popular sports franchises like Madden and FIFA. Fundamentally, K9ICKS aims to provide an immersive, competitive gameplay experience that stands on its own in the long-term, without relying on gimmicks or passing trends.

As a Bogged incubation partner, K9ICKS is still in the early stages of development, so the Bogged team is excited to share an insight into this stage of Web3 GameFi development with our community. Let’s look at a few ways Bogged will kick-start K9ICKS’ journey:

How will Bogged support K9ICKS during its incubation?

As our first incubation partner, Bogged are taking a very hands-on approach with ensuring the K9ICKS project has the tools needed for success. Let’s look at how Bogged will use its available incubation resources to get K9ICKS off the ground:

  • Tier 1 exchange introductions and VC networking — Using Bogged’s real-world connections to generate interest and funding for the project
  • Token launchpad Introductions — Access to leading Tier 1 and 2 launchpads to give the project’s launch the exposure it deserves
  • Tokenomics and smart contract advisory — Provide the necessary support to ensure that any smart contracts are completely secure from bugs and malicious attacks
  • Partnership Introductions — Helping to create important connections with key DeFi players
  • Whitepaper, Litepaper & other marketing material advisory Using Bogged’s extensive business development experience to ensure the project’s goals are met
  • Token launchpad — Provide the necessary trading tools “out of the box” to ensure K9ICKS users can easily buy, trade and track their K9ICKS tokens

How confident are Bogged in K9ICKS as a project?

As part of the incubation process, Bogged will be putting a lot of time and resources into the partnership, and before committing anything have embarked on a comprehensive due diligence process. This includes:

  • Full internal audits of mint, staking and any other smart contracts associated with the project
  • Thorough in-person interviews and KYC process with the entire core K9ICKS team to verify their identities, historical experience and suitability for delivering on the project.

Results of the interviews and KYC are available here, and results of the token contract audit are available here

Bogged are committed to ensuring that projects incubated are held to the same rigorous standards that the team holds when developing projects internally. Through following such a comprehensive vetting process, the Bogged team can be confident in K9ICKS’ potential as a successful project in the future, especially with the right tools for growth being provided throughout the incubation process.

How will Bogged users benefit from the incubation?

We’ve been looking at more ways of sharing Bogged’s success with our users, ever since we introduced our unique platform staking model, which offers users a share of Bogged platform revenue.

We’ve negotiated a few Bogged community benefits with the K9ICKS team, which will give Bogged users an exclusive opportunity to enjoy a variety of early-adopter benefits in the upcoming K9ICKS game.

Bogged community members will:

  • Gain exclusive access to the priority mint for the first run of NFTs
  • Get first-in-line access to the BSC token sale, which is being run in partnership with 2 top-ten CEXes and various T1 launchpads

We’ll have more information about these exciting benefits in future updates, so make sure to follow us on all our social channels to be the first to hear about them.

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to working closely with K9ICKS to create an incredible GameFi project with mass marketability. To stay up to date with K9ICKS, just give them a follow on Medium, Discord, Telegram or Twitter

What is Bogged Incubation and what are its benefits?

Bogged are hoping to help more DeFi projects succeed and grow, which is why we have begun to look into incubation as a service.

Services Bogged can currently offer to projects include:

  • Tier 1 exchange introductions
  • VC networking
  • Tokenomics and smart contract advisory
  • Token launchpad Introductions
  • Partnership Introductions
  • Whitepaper, Litepaper & other marketing material advisory
  • Discounted rates on all Bogged Ad network access

In return, the Bogged platform stands to gain exposure to the project’s user base, with participating projects guiding their users towards Bogged’s market-leading DeFi trading tools and charting platform.

Bogged users and community members will also benefit from these partnerships; for example today’s partner has pledged priority access to their service for Bogged users and community members.

We hope to nurture many exciting and groundbreaking projects in the near future, and help create a truly next-generation DeFi ecosystem.

The Bogged ecosystem — The ultimate DeFi destination

Bogged offer a wide range of DeFi tools not covered in this article, including;

If you’d like to learn more about the Bogged platform, please visit If you’d like to get in touch with the team or community, you can do so on Reddit, Twitter, Discord and our Telegram Group.

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