Bogged Token Price Alert Bot is now available for Discord


Discord users can avail of instant DeFi token data, including prices, charts, alerts and more

After receiving an overwhelming amount of requests for the feature, Bogged are delighted to announce that our Token Price Bot now supports Discord.

Now, Discord users can join the 5,131,966 Telegram users availing of instant and accurate DeFi token data, all from the comfort of their messaging client

What is a DeFi Token price alert bot for Telegram and Discord?

A token price bot is a tool that makes DeFi data and analytics more accessible to users wishing to track token information. For example, someone wishing to monitor the price of a token they’ve invested in while they’re on holidays may not have the ability to log in to their preferred charting or portfolio site. By using a token price bot, they can simply request this information from a popular messaging app such as Telegram or Discord, and the information is immediately sent back in the form of an easy-to-digest message.

Token price bots are favoured by DeFi token teams with large Telegram groups, as community members can quickly hop in and get up-to-date data without registering their own bots. The displayed price action and resulting discussion has been shown to be a massive boost to community engagement in groups.

The Bogged Token Price Bot is one of the most popular price bots available on Telegram, with over 5.5M unique users.

What can the Bogged Token Price Bot do?

The Bogged token price bot has become a market leader on Telegram, thanks to its wealth of unique features, including:

Completely free of charge, no ads whatsoever — Bogged provides this bot for completely free with no strings attached- no ads and no paid upgrades as standard.

Accurate and easy-to-understand DeFi charting — Charts comparable to any full-featured charting site, with full customizability.

Fully customisable price information — Users can choose the information that matters to them, datapoints include price, supply, market cap, liquidity, volume, individual wallet balances and more. All data is powered by Bogged’s renowned DeFi analytics data sources, ensuring the bot always returns the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Multiple tokens and token search — Monitor multiple tokens in one conversation, or search virtually any DeFi token. For example, /price BNB, /price BTC

Buy and sell alerts — For lowcap gems, large buys can signal the advent of serious price movement. Get immediate notifications of any buys above a certain size. Also allows for GIF embeds, perfect for group chats looking to stir some hype about big buys.

Custom commands — Aimed at groups, custom commands allows admins to set up commands that respond with a choice of links, media and more. Examples include /faq, /team and /website

How to get started with Bogged Token Price Bot

Setting up the Bogged token price bot is as easy as choosing your settings and sending a message via Telegram or Discord. To get started, visit

If you need any further help with setting up or customising your bot, our friendly support team are more than happy to help. Just click on the green chat bubble on the bot setup page.

The Bogged ecosystem — More than just price bots

Bogged also offer a wide range of DeFi tools not covered in this article, including;

If you’d like to learn more about the Bogged platform, please visit If you’d like to get in touch with the team or community, you can do so on Reddit, Twitter, Discord and our Telegram Group.

For more information about upcoming features you can follow us on our Medium or Telegram Channel.



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