Bogged update: 15 July 2022

We’ve made some exciting developments within the Bogged ecosystem. Read on to find out more…

Since our last update here, the Bogged team has been working diligently to ensure the platform grows into the ultimate destination for DeFi trading and more. In this quick update, we’d like to share a new partnership, and some platform upgrades that we believe will help us on our journey.

New partnership and integration

Bogged has been approached by CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), and asked to provide charting and tools for this emerging blockchain. As part of this partnership, Bogged will receive a grant from CSC to aid in the development of new features and tools. We’re excited to be involved at this early stage in a growing ecosystem, and look forward to seeing the results of this partnership.

You can find out more about CSC on their website, or check out their Medium for updates.

CoinEx Smart Chain Integrations

To kickstart our CoinEx Smart Chain integration, we have added CSC support to a range of our products. You can now visit and view real-time, up to date charts for many tokens trading on CoinEx Smart Chain.

CoinEx Smart Chain has been added to:

Bogged New Tokens feed

Now DeFi traders can now use Bogged Charts to easily get up to speed with new and emerging DeFi projects. The Bogged New Tokens Feed helps you find and trade new tokens on all our supported chains.

The feed shows simple, at-a-glance information about new tokens, and updates in real-time. Traders can filter by several metrics, allowing them to separate the gems from the rest easily.

If you’d like to learn more about the Bogged platform, please visit If you’d like to get in touch with the team or community, you can do so on Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and our Telegram Group.

For more information about upcoming features, you can follow us on our Medium, Publish0x or Telegram Channel.



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