Bogged Weekly-Wrap Up 22/5

It’s time for the Bogged Weekly Wrap Up!

Permissionless 2022

This week I spent my time at Permissionless 2022 speaking to Partners and Projects about Bogged. We had the awesome opportunity to finally meet the Cronos team in person, and converse with a multitude of projects on partnership opportunities, tool integration and more.

The fun doesn’t stop there, we’ll be attending Consensus 2022 to continue to spread the word about Bogged and foster new integration, partnership and investment opportunities.

Security Audit

As we saw a few DEX projects get their domain hijacked recently, we’ve identified a need to increase our already comprehensive security in this regard. So in response, I led a security audit on our internal infrastructure as a precaution against domain hijacking and other threats that have been increasingly present in the ecosystem.

The outcomes of this audit have been implemented with the remaining identified low-severity issues to be addressed this week.

Bogged API

The Bogged API was launched and now anyone can harness the data of Bogged by visiting our dedicated API site and registering. The free tier of Bogged API provides 20k request units (RUs) per month and is rate limited to 30 requests per minute. Very shortly we will launch competitive paid plans for the Bogged API.

As previously mentioned, paid services like Bogged API will help continue to fund the development of the wider Bogged Ecosystem which in turn with support the Bogged Token.

Thanks so much for reading this weeks Bogged Weekly Wrap-Up, I look forward to seeing you again next week.

Luke Martinez



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