BOGPriceBot is LIVE: An ad-free free price bot for your token’s telegram channel.

Token teams are now able to deploy the brand new to their channels, so that their users are able to get accurate Charts, Prices and more.

The BOGPriceBot is a free, simple, and ad-free way of helping the users of your telegram group keep up to date with the latest price and information of your token.

The BOGPriceBot supports BSC tokens listed on Pancakeswap V1, V2, and ApeSwap. to deploy your own BOGPriceBot now.

A Simple Interface

The BOGPriceBot is super simple to setup and can be live in your Telegram Chat in just two minutes. All you have to do is follow the simple prompts to setup your custom BSC Price Bot.

Visit to deploy your own BOGPriceBot now.

Customising your BOGPriceBot

You can setup custom commands and customise the text appended to the /price command at any time using the .

Step-by-step: How to set up a BOGPriceBot

  1. Visit and fill in your token address, select the correct DEX and optionally type in your custom message content.

2. Press the green “Create Bot” button.

3. Go to your telegram group and select “Add Members” from the menu.

4. Search for BOGPriceBot & Add the BOT to your group.

5. Copy and Paste the /register command provided by the BOGPriceBot creation tool into your chat. And you’re done!

Visit to deploy your own BOGPriceBot now.

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