BOGSwap Advanced is LIVE.

Traditional swap platforms such as Pancakeswap aim to get you the most amount of tokens for your money however the DeFi landscape has evolved and most tokens implement transaction limits, whale limits and cooldowns so buying the most amount of token often causes your transactions to fail, putting you at a disadvantage.

Introducing BOGSwap Advanced. BOGSwap Advanced gives you the power to intuitively trade around these token limitations with a selection of new premium features.

Let BOGSwap automatically detect TX limits for the majority of tokens, or enter a custom limit yourself.

Mid-tier premium allows you to use “Limit buy to TX limit” to ensure your buy amount never exceeds the token limit.

High tier premium allows you to use “TX limit bypass” which allows the buying/selling of any amount of standard transaction limit tokens subject to block gas limits.

BOGSwap Advanced Tiers

Tier 1: 100 BOG Hold / No Fee Per Use

Set Gas Price — Preselect the gas price to be able to get your buys through faster without fiddling in Metamask.

Duplicate Your Transactions — Submit multiple of the same transaction.

Disable Wait for TX Confirmation — Allows you to continue trading while your trade is pending, for faster trading.

Tier 2: 2000 BOG Hold / No Fee Per Use

Set & Detect Token Transaction Limits — Automatically detects the Transaction Limit, ensuring you don’t exceed them.

Limit buy to transaction limit — Automatically adjusts your trade down if it exceeds the contract's transaction limit. Great for buying during launches. Any unspent BNB will be returned.

Tier 3: 5000 BOG Hold / No Fee Per Use

Bypass Transaction Limit

Allows you to trade with no transaction limits, subject to gas limits.

Staking Multipliers apply to the tiers, similar to the Sniper Tool.

Other BOGSwap Updates

Normal BOGSwap users aren’t missing out either with one massive update launching this Wednesday too!

Multi-DEX Routing: Get the absolute best price on any pair with the only swap interface that provides true Multi-DEX Routing.

This means, for example, your BANANA to SAFEMOON trade can be processed for the best price, by having the first half of your trade (BANANA -> BNB) processed on Apeswap, and the second half (BNB -> SAFEMOON) be processed on Pancakeswap v1.

Additionally, wallet compatibility has been improved in this release, and various bug fixes and performance improvements have also been made.

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