BogSwap expands to Polygon


We are delighted to announce that we have completed pushing Polygon support to BogSwap. This is our first major cross-chain tool release, paving the way for having our entire suite of tools be available on many major chains. In true DeFi spirit, we wish to provide our tools on as many different chains as possible, to give cryptocurrency traders the ultimate freedom from centralized exchanges.

This means you will be able to trade Polygon tokens using BogSwap to bring your Polygon trading to the next level. Note that Polygon BOG will not be launched just yet, you will only be able to trade existing Polygon tokens.

BogSwap is a Dex Aggregator. This means rather than using its own liquidity pools like a DEX it routes trades through multiple DEXes in order to achieve the best available price. Initially 6 route DEXes will be supported on Polygon:

  • QuickSwap
  • ApeSwap
  • DYFN
  • SushiSwap
  • CafeSwap

BogPriceBot Polygon support

Our free custom telegram bot is also joining the Polygon retinue. Over 5000 bots, reaching 6 million community members, have successfully been deployed for BSC tokens so it is clearly valued by token communities. It is a great tool for users to access their token’s latest trading data whilst also providing quick links to BogCharts & BogSwap

What’s next for cross-chain support?

We are currently waiting on a thorough Certik audit of our multiple cross-chain smart contracts. Once these have been vetted to Certik’s high standards we aim to implement the following:

  • BogBridge, which will allow swaps across chains.
  • Expand our full range of tools(Limit Orders, Trailing Stop-Losses and more) to multiple other chains

Behind the scenes, we have a fully functional bridge in operation on Polygon, FTM and AVAX

We have also confirmed integration dates for the below chains:

18/12/21 — Cronos (CRO)

20/12/21 — Fantom (FTM)

22/12/21 — Avalanche (AVAX)

Other Bogged Finance news

As well as the BogSwap cross-chain update, we’ve made some changes to core BogSwap which should empower your trading life even more.

Changes include:

  • Improved routing
  • More price information
  • Better control over gas prices through new settings
  • Save custom tokens
  • Wrap and unwrap native tokens
  • Pre-approve tokens before liquidity is added

Note that existing BSC users will need to re-approve their tokens due to BogSwap changing to a new router.

Our development team will be taking some well-deserved time off as we come into the Holiday season. We plan to use this time to focus on our community, the people who helped Bogged Finance get to where it is now.

Keep an eye on our Telegram Group, Reddit and Twitter for fun competitions and more! The conversation on Telegram in particular will be in very high spirits so we strongly encourage you to come and hang out.

We’ll also be releasing some BogAcademy articles over the coming weeks. BogAcademy will include a huge range of SEO-friendly articles covering common DeFi questions, safety tips and more advanced topics.

We hope to draw in people who are new to the crypto space by presenting them with articles that are easy to understand and follow, and then introduce them to our tools through these articles.

And finally, a thank you.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our many fans and community members, particularly those who have participated and interacted with us on our many social channels. We’d also like to extend our gratitude to the 30k+ BogCharts 4 Beta Testers who gave us valuable feedback towards developing the cutting-edge product you can see before you now.

We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for next year. Let’s just say- “Here’s to a BOG New Year in 2022!”

-The Bogged Finance Team



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