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BogSwap is now live on Fantom!

BogSwap, our wildly popular DEX aggregator, is now available on the Fantom(FTM) chain.

In case you’re a Fantom user who’s new to BogSwap, here are some of its noted features:

Advanced Swap Routing BogSwap uses algorithmic routing technology to ensure that your trade goes through at the best possible price. As you may know, DEXes can sometimes offer tokens at a slightly different price due to arbitrage not having taken place yet. BogSwap always finds the cheapest route between various DEXes and uses that for your swap.

The currently supported FTM DEXes are

  • SpookySwap
  • SpiritSwap
  • SushiSwap

Faster Swaps We at Bogged Finance know how much seconds could matter when trading cryptocurrencies. BogSwap allows you to pre-set your gas amount, saving time spent messing around in your wallet app and also clarifying the process of spending gas on a swap. BogSwap allows you to disable swap loading, which can save valuable time. Our team has also made many behind the scenes tweaks to BogSwap’s smart contracts to make it as efficient and reliable as possible.

AutoTax Ever had your slippage set at a reasonable value yet the trade doesn’t go through thanks to high token tax? Let BogSwap handle the tax automatically with AutoTax

Multi Tx Submit more than one transaction when making a swap. Useful for certain trading strategies and avoiding TX limits.

Token Pre-Approval Approve a token before liquidity is added, perfect for getting early buys on a token.

BogSwap is being continuously improved, like any other Bogged Finance feature, so expect this list to grow rapidly as we add more functionality.

What’s Next?

Continuing its expansion, BogSwap will be launching on Avalanche on the 22nd. Make sure to keep an eye on this Medium or our Telegram Announcement Channel to get notified as soon as we go live.

We are still awaiting the results of the Certik audit on several cross-chain contracts. Once this is complete we can immediately begin implementing BogBridge, Limit Orders, Stop-Losses and more. Stay tuned for more information about this.

Other News

We’ve also been prominently featured in a Nasdaq article! Looks like some big players have begun noticing us… News of our cross-chain expansion was also reported on by Yahoo Finance.

Our governance token, $BOG, has reached 20k holders! For more insights into the numbers behind our token and tools, make sure to catch this month’s recap here on Medium.

We’re already looking forward to sharing our next update with you, until then, let us know what you think of BogSwap on Fantom!

-The Bogged Finance Team

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