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BogSwap Stablecoin Routing Update is LIVE

As part of our efforts to make BogSwap the premier DEX Aggregation platform on BSC, we’ve been hard at work building a better routing API which delivers routes that are consistently better for the user.

We’re excited to announce the next evolution of BogSwap, launching today.

BogSwap will now route your trades through the most optimal route throughs three new options, Synapse Protocol (Formerly Nerve), Nerve Pools, ACryptoS &

Where on PancakeSwap you could lose up to 1% of your trade value when routing through stable pools, on Bogswap you could potentially come out ahead when swapping through stablepools. Generally though, your fees will be less than 0.01% thanks to the efficiency of the stableswap pools BogSwap will be leveraging.

We’re excited to continue developing BogSwap to be the best option for swapping tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. Make the swap to BogSwap today:

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