BogSwap Upgrade launches August 31st

BogSwap is getting an upgrade to become the premier DEX Aggregator on BSC, we’re adding a few cool new features that will make it better than ever.

Synapse Protocol Support (Formerly Nerve Finance)
Nerve provides almost 1:1 swaps for USD Stablecoins, that’s why it’s a no-brainer to add Nerve support to BogSwap.

A swap on Nerve for 50000 USDT to BUSD would output 49995 BUSD. Whereas on Pancakeswap currently, it outputs 49789 BUSD. That’s a $200 difference.

Now, when trading across stablecoins, or even through tokens that are based against different stablecoins, you’ll get the absolute best price possible.

Auto Tax Support
BogSwap will implement an innovative Auto-Tax feature that lets you trade at low price slippages while allowing the token to take its standard taxes. Eliminating unfavourable price changes, or frontrunning, which is common in standard high-slippage trades.

Originally, slippage was a mechanism created to protect users from sudden price changes when trading on decentralized exchanges (DEX). However, it has now become common to use slippage to cover token fees/taxes.

This addition to our protocol separates token taxes from price slippage, modernizing our trading platform to better support current token trends and standards.

By setting the upper Auto-Tax limit you can also protect yourself from high-tax anti snipe measures when trading with high slippage during token launches. For example, many users will trade using 100% slippage to get into launches as early as they can, this has the possibility of allowing your trade to go through at 99% tax (a common anti-snipe measure) — setting a BogSwap Auto-Tax limit would prevent this from happening and protect you and your funds.

Improved Routing
BogSwap currently uses the 0x API for trade routing, this is being replaced by a fully in-house developed Bog Routing API which will provide everyone with better, faster, routing and set us up well for future developments.

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