Bug Bounty Program Launched in partnership with Immunefi

Since we launched our DeFi trading tools, the monthly Dollar volume processed by our smart contracts has risen to the millions. Up until now we have run stringent internal tests and used external auditing groups to ensure total confidence in our products.

As fund security is one of our highest priorities, we have decided to take the next logical step in diversifying our safety protocols by partnering with Immunefi, one of the most prominent and respected DeFi Bug Bounty platforms.

Immunefi is a network of white hat hackers and auditors who work together to find vulnerabilities in projects to strengthen DeFi as a whole. Legitimate vulnerabilities are rewarded financially, giving huge incentives to report these issues before they can be exploited. To date they have awarded over $8 million in bounties, and prevented over $2 billion of hack damage.

By partnering with Immunefi, Bogged Finance will have some of the industries’ best names looking at our products and smart contracts, searching for potential vulnerabilities. By working with Immunefi, we hope to bring more transparency and increase trust in our tools, which will radically improve adoption.

From today, our bounty program will go live on Immunefi’s network, offering rewards up to $50,000 for successfully proving the existence of critical financial exploits.

The bounty program is interested in the following exploits, if they can reliably be proven to lead to loss of funds:

Smart Contracts/Blockchain

  • Loss of users funds staked by freezing or theft
  • Theft of user funds in DeFi contracts
  • Draining staking rewards and staking reward manipulation
  • Freezing of user funds in DeFi contracts


  • Injection/Hijacking
  • Shell access to the Server
  • Redirected Funds by Address Modification

Please note that UI/general website bugs, typos or broken links are not considered and should instead be reported directly to the Bogged Finance team through normal means.

If you’d like to take part in the program, or find out more, you may visit our portal on Immunefi’s website at https://immunefi.com/bounty/boggedfinance/

If you have good cyber security or programming skills, this is a great opportunity for you to earn some nice cash prizes while helping strengthen the security of our project.

-The Bogged Finance Team



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