Ending Support for Bogged + Migration

It saddens us to announce the end of the Bogged Project.

Bogged started its life as a fair-launch project, where the founders put 12BNB in a liquidity pool with a dream of launching a meme token and turning it into a DeFi giant. With $0 in funding from VC or token buyers, we’ve had a long and exciting journey building, what was for its time, a leading DeFi platform. We were able to build the first charting tools for BSC that provided accurate results regardless of timescale. We were able to innovate and deliver the first on-chain limit orders, and we created the first free price-bot for telegram.

After two incredible years, Bogged Finance is announcing its closure and withdrawal of support for the Bogged Token and services. We would like to extend a massive thank you to the community who have been a part of this journey for the past two years, especially those who have been with us until the end.

While we had much more planned and developed for Bogged, unfortunately factors on a macro and micro level prevented us from executing fully on our vision.

Before Bogged Finance launched, there were no adequate trading view charts for BSC, making it nearly impossible for users to make well informed trading decisions. Now, there are countless trading platforms offering subsidised trading services, which makes competing in an environment where you must remain revenue positive impossible.

As part of the withdrawal of support, we are also withdrawing ongoing support for all services effective immediately, however DEX Aggregation will continue to be available for use for a short period of time.

Migrating your Tokens
As a goodwill gesture from one of the co-founders of Bogged, Luke. The Octavia Project is offering the opportunity to migrate your BOG tokens for a seed stake in Octavia. Octavia is an AI Assistant for Crypto, built to make research and trading on web3 easier than ever. If you are interested in this opportunity, please visit https://app.bogged.finance/bsc/octavia

Users wishing to unstake BOG can do so on the migration page linked above. As Bogged was a community token, the BOG Liquidity Pools have been built by design to be community owned — so liquidity distribution will remain community led.

Thanks for being a part of the Bogged Story,

The Bogged Team



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