Introducing BOG Solo Staking

We’re excited to announce the addition of the BOG Solo Staking pool to Bogged Finance. This pool returns the profits of the Bogged.Finance platform to BOG investors.

Investors who hold BOG solely to support the project instead of for access to tool usage, or those who purchase more bog than necessary to use the tools are now able to earn a reward on their investment into the project and team by solo staking their bog, earning them a share of the platform fees.

The Staking Pool
The staking pool does not contribute to BOG Priority, meaning that tokens staked are staked only to provide solo staking rewards, and won’t be counted towards access to the tools.

You can stake as little or as much BOG as you wish to, retaining enough in your wallet for access to the premium tools.

Additionally, there is a 7-day timelock on staking, meaning that you are disincentivised from staking for short periods of time. If you choose to withdraw your stake before the 7-day timelock is over, there is a 0.5% withdrawal fee which is burned.

The 7-day timelock is reset whenever funds are added to your stake.

Staking rewards will begin accruing 24 hours after launching the pool, giving you time to decide if you do wish to stake your BOG.



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