Introducing Octavia: The Game-Changing AI Crypto Assistant


We are thrilled to present the result of months of AI research and development — Octavia, a groundbreaking AI Crypto Assistant that revolutionizes your interactions with the blockchain. Powered by the VIA Token and Bogged Ecosystem, Octavia is designed to be your ultimate crypto assistant both on and off the chain. Octavia is launching with a new token, VIA.

Meet Octavia

Octavia is a comprehensive Crypto Life Assistant that simplifies your life on and off the chain. With access to the internet, she can research, browse, and visit websites to collect valuable information for you. Octavia is also securely connected to your wallet, enabling her to facilitate transactions, manage your assets, and more. She can analyze and interpret transaction hashes and perform various other tasks.

Unlike other language model platforms, Octavia seamlessly integrates with your services, the blockchain, and the internet to offer a holistic, superhuman intelligence that helps you accomplish tasks more quickly and efficiently. Thanks to these capabilities, Octavia will be your personal AI sidekick.

Octavia’s Impact on the Bogged Ecosystem and $BOG

Octavia is deeply integrated with the next-generation Bogged Tech Stack. The ability to utilize Bogged services through Octavia will attract new users, create new revenue streams, and ultimately result in higher $BOG staking rewards over time. The licensing of Bogged Technology will also help to fund Bogged Development.

The Role of the VIA Token

The VIA Token is a new token developed for the AI venture, Octavia. Users of Octavia will be able to stake VIA to earn rewards, and also use the VIA token to purchase additional features for Octavia.

We will announce to Bogged holders how you can be a part of the presale shortly.

Personality Core Airdrop

Finally, We’re also excited to announce the Octavia Personality Core Airdrop. A collection of 5,000 NFTs of varying rarity which can be used to augment Octavias Personality in fun ways. These Cores will be airdropped to people who participate in our Zealy and Gleam program, connect their wallet on, Join the telegram, and help promote Octavia.

For more information on the NFT Airdrop, visit the Octavia Docs.

Getting Access to Octavia BETA

We want to start granting access to Octavia slowly to users to discover how users use Octavia, and find shortfalls and oversights in the technology which we can address before rolling it out to everyone.

Next week we’ll be opening up the waitlist for Octavia on the website, and you’ll be able to claim your spot and try Octavia sooner than anyone else.

Octavia is the culmination of months of AI Research and Development, and we’re excited to introduce you to Octavia over the coming weeks.

Join the Octavia Community:

Luke Martinez & The Octavia Team



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