Introducing Sminem NFTs

A Limited Edition Set of 100 Unique Animated Sminem NFTs

To celebrate becoming one of BSC’s most widely used charting and trading platforms we are going back to our origins and launching an exclusive NFT range based upon the crypto pop-culture references our project was launched around.

The collection will be minted with a Limited Edition Set of 100 Unique Sminem GIF NFT’s and an additional set of static images.

The Collection

The Sminem NFT collection will consist of the following:

  • 100 exclusive animated GIF Sminems
  • 250+ basic Sminems

Each Sminem will be a high quality, totally unique, artwork.

How can I get an exclusive Sminem GIF?

The Sminem NFT auction will begin on 16/09/21 and conclude on 04/10/21, with 5 Sminem NFTs being auctioned off each day.

You’ll be able to visit Bogged.Finance to bid on any of these Sminems — this will give a fair chance for everyone to try and obtain one of these ultra rare Sminem GIF’s.

How can I get a basic Sminem?

Once the auctions for the exclusive animated Sminem NFT’s are completed, users will be able to mint a random basic Sminem until they are all gone.

What if I was allocated a Sminem back when the project first launched?

Any of our current holders who were allocated a Sminem and are still invested in the project will be eligible for a custom basic Sminem as originally promised. Only NGMI holders will have to pay the minting fee.

Original Sminem holders will be able to submit customization requests once the auctions are live and these will go straight to our NFT artist to be created for you.

What are our plans for Sminem NFT’s?

As well as representing a key part of this project’s history, Sminem NFT’s will be integrated more into our platform, revealing easter eggs, and even possible tool access or discounts for rarer Sminems.

Special thanks to our NFT artist Kelly (TG: @Kellsium)

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