Making the most of BOGCharts: Understanding its advanced features.

The BOGCharts Chart Page

The new BOGCharts charting platform is here, and while the UI is intuitive, it’s good to cover some of the more advanced features and exactly what they mean.

Introducing the sentiment bar.

Ever see a token getting traded so fast you don’t know which way it’s going? Or see a token getting lots of tiny buys to conceal the sells? No longer. The sentiment bar is an at a glance & realtime expression of the buying or selling pressure.

If the sentiment bar is in the middle, the token is trading sideways in respect to the liquidity pools available. If the sentiment bar is leaning green, the buy pressure is high, if it starts to lean red, the sell pressure is higher.

This updates in real time, so if a massive buy (or sell) comes in, you’ll see it reflected in the sentiment bar.

The sentiment bar is just another one of BOGCharts innovations.

Trending Tokens

Love certain projects? Show it by adding them to your favourites and you can help push them up the trending lists.

Token Teams can encourage people to favourite their tokens on BOGCharts to help them grow organically.

We’ve designed the trending list to be difficult to inorganically spam, and will continue to improve it to ensure it doesn’t get spammed.

Most Viewed Tokens

It’s just that, the hottest tokens over the past little while on BOGCharts. Again, we’ve designed this to be difficult to inorganically spam, and we’ll continue to improve it to ensure it doesn’t get spammed.


New in BOGChartsV3 is the Portfolio View along with Wallet Tracking. The portfolio is designed to be intuitive, but here’s a handy feature you might not know about. You can hide any token from your wallet so it doesn’t impact your portfolio calculation.

Token Explorer

At first glance the token explorer might just look like charts, but it’s the easiest and fastest way to view and trade the hottest tokens across the ecosystem. Tap any token to quickly load the chart and info for that token.

Advanced Settings

BOGCharts now comes with an advanced settings menu which you can use to make a few small changes to your experience based on preferences. Tap the cog at the top right.

  • You can now use Modified Scientific Notation for the price of coins with abundant supply.
  • You can adjust what percentage a coin needs to represent of your portfolio to display in your piechart on the portfolio page.

Thanks for using BOGChartsV3!

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