Now available: DeFi trading tools for Cronos including stop-losses, limit orders and bridge.


From today, Cronos DeFi traders will be able to use Bogged Finance’s popular trading tools. Read on to find out more about the launch.

We’re delighted to announce that our platform is now fully integrated with the Cronos chain. This comes in light of the chain’s impressive recent growth, and a huge spike in BogSwap usage on Cronos.

What does this mean?
Traders on Cronos can now place DeFi limit orders and stop-losses. Funds can also be moved between Cronos, BNB Chain, Fantom, and Avalanche using our cross chain bridge.

We’ve also launched the BOG token on Cronos. BOG has multiple functions within the Bogged Finance ecosystem, including paying for tools, rewarding stakers, and acting as a bridge currency for cross-chain swaps.

How do these new Cronos DeFi tools work?

Cronos DeFi Limit Orders

Bogged Finance DeFi limit orders have garnered a stellar reputation on the chains they’ve been launched on to date, thanks to their reliability and simplicity.

Bogged Finance limit orders function just like limit orders on major centralised exchanges like Binance and Kucoin, and will fill for any DeFi token on our supported DEXes.

You can try out Cronos limit orders here, or read our instructional docs here.

Limit orders cost $2.50 worth of BOG, or $3.00 worth of CRO.

Cronos DeFi Stop-Losses

Bogged Finance DeFi stop-losses have become essential for many traders on BNB Chain, Fantom and Avalanche. Now Cronos traders can also protect their investments from unexpected price crashes.

Our stop-losses are completely automatic and will fill for any token on our supported DEXes. For more information about Bogged Finance DeFi stop-losses, see our Publish0x article.

You can try out Cronos stop-losses here, or read our instructional docs here.

Stop-losses cost $2.50 worth of BOG, or $3.00 worth of CRO.

Cronos cross-chain bridge

Our bridge can affordably and quickly move funds between Cronos, BNB Chain, Avalanche and Fantom. Our bridging solution is secure, requiring multiple validations before any transaction can be confirmed.

For more information about the bridge, see our docs, or click here to visit the bridge.

Bridging costs $2.50 worth of CRO and 0.25% of the transaction value.

Cronos BOG Staking

At Bogged Finance, we do staking differently. Users can stake our governance token BOG, and earn a fair share of platform revenue. Every time paid features like limit orders are used, a portion of the fee is distributed to stakers.

Stakers can also unlock advanced trading features, such as trailing stop-losses (to be released for Cronos in the near future)

Click here to get started with staking on Cronos.

Cronos BOG Token

The BOG token is our governance token, and is at the centre of the Bogged Finance Ecosystem.

It is used to pay for tools, which in turn rewards stakers. It is also used as a secure backbone to transfer funds cross-chain, and is fully bridgeable between all blockchains it’s available on.

Holders of the BOG token can also avail of advanced features and participate in governance votes, which guide the Bogged Finance team on which direction to take the platform.

You can purchase the BOG token on BogSwap

Cronos BogSwap

BogSwap DEX Aggregator has been available for Cronos since December 2021. It has quickly become one of the go-to platforms for swapping tokens on Cronos, thanks to a powerful line-up of features, such as cheapest trade routing. For more information about BogSwap, see our article, or click here to start swapping!

What Cronos DEXes do Bogged Finance trading tools work on?

Traders can set limit orders and stop-losses for any token on the below Cronos decentralised exchanges:

  • MM Finance
  • VVS Finance
  • CroDex
  • Cronaswap
  • Photonswap
  • SwappFi
  • CrowFi
  • Elk Finance

We’re always looking to expand our DEX offering. If you manage a Cronos DEX then get in touch with us for consideration.

What are Bogged Finance’s future plans for Cronos?

At Bogged Finance, we strive to innovate and adapt to DeFi trading’s rapidly evolving needs. We have plans to integrate even more advanced trading tools into our platform, which will be announced in due course.

To stay tuned to our upcoming news and releases, make sure to follow us here, on Twitter, and on our Telegram Announcement Channel. We’ve also started posting announcements to Publish0x. If you have any questions, our supportive and knowledgeable staff are happy to answer them in our Telegram Group or Discord. Remember, our staff will never DM you first, nor will they ask for private keys.



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