The BOG Migration Claim Period is Ending

The BOG Migration started on June 1st 2021, when we migrated the token to a new contract. Anyone who held old BOG on the 23rd of May at 11AM was eligible to claim the new BOG tokens.

Now it’s time to announce the end of the BOG Migration.

What’s happening?
On the 29th of August 2021 the ability to claim BOG from the Migration Contract will be disabled, and the remaining unclaimed BOG will be considered abandoned and burned.

Why is this happening?
It’s important that we move forward with the development of Bogged Finance, and keeping the claim period active requires ongoing resources that would be better spent developing the platform and tools.


What happens if I try to claim after this period?
The ability to claim will be disabled and the tokens in the migration contract will be burned. There will be no exceptions.

What if I didn’t see this notice in time?
Users had 3 months, and this two-week notice period to make their claims.

I can’t claim my tokens, it’s saying 0 tokens?
Please ensure you’ve connected the correct wallet. If you have connected the correct wallet, you do not have any tokens to claim. Only people who held BOG at 11am on the 23rd of May 2021 will be eligible to claim new tokens. There are no exceptions to this — do not ask.

I can’t claim my tokens, it’s saying I do have a balance to claim, but I can’t submit the transaction?
Try changing your RPC provider in Metamask (see here) or try using a different wallet provider.

If you continue to have problems, join our Telegram and we’ll do our best to help you.



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