Trailing Stop Losses are LIVE on Bogged.Finance.

We’re pleased to announce that Trailing Stop Losses are LIVE for any token on BSC’s Pancakeswap and Apeswap.

What is a trailing stop-loss?

A trailing stop-loss is an intelligent version of a normal stop-loss, which is a limit sell that fills if the price dips below a certain point, preventing losses from happening.

In a trailing stop-loss, the sell price follows (or “trails”) behind the current price of your chosen token, meaning that if the price moons and then unexpectedly drops, then the stop-loss would trigger at a higher price, meaning more profits for you.

Placing an order for 10 CAKE with a 10% trigger percent would allow the Stop Loss to follow the price of CAKE as it increases and then trigger a sell once the price retraces by that 10% against the new high.

How to use BOG Trailing Stop Losses

  1. Simply visit the Stop Loss Page on Bogged.Finance and select “Trailing Stop Losses”.
  2. Ensure you hold 5000 BOG or equivalent priority.
  3. Select the token and the amount of the token you wish to protect with a trailing stop loss.
  4. Enter the trailing trigger percentage — the % change that is required negatively to sell.

A Trailing Stop Loss order requires the user to hold 5000 BOG or equivalent priority, the order lasts for 31 days before expiring and costs $5 per order in BNB.

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What’s next?
We have more surprise announcements, partnerships and launches in the coming weeks which we’re keen to announce in the coming days.

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