Ultimate Sniper Launch Announcement


We’re proud to announce the launch of The Ultimate Sniper on the 30th of September 2021.

The Ultimate Sniper is a completely reimagined sniper building upon months of Research and Development along with our extensive experience as the leader of BSC sniping tools. This sniper truly competes with the biggest and best of the custom mempool snipers, and brings that power to those who hold at least 7500 BOG.

The Existing Sniper will remain available on Bogged Finance, and remains extremely capable for most launches.

This sniper will allow bogged.finance users to snipe tokens that have historically been impossible to snipe with anti-snipe protections, essentially giving Bogged.Finance users a monopoly on sniping some of the best upcoming projects. — Luke Martinez, Bogged Finance Co-Founder

Ultimate Sniper Features

Mempool Sniper Mode (PancakeSwap + DxSale)

The ultimate sniper can act as a mempool sniper, when paired with a good internet connection. This will allow you to send your buy transaction the moment the liquidity add transaction has been broadcasted to the network — before the block has even been generated. Users may set their own node or utilise a standard Binance RPC for low latency to the validators.

This will be able to detect Pancakeswap liquidity events, and DxSale finalize events to cover the vast majority of launches.

TX Spam Mode

The transaction spam mode allows you to rapidly fire off transactions to give a greater chance of being first if you know when liquidity is being added.

TX Limit Bypass

Like BogSwap Advanced, The Ultimate Sniper will be able to bypass transaction limits on newly launched tokens.

99% Fee Avoidance

The Ultimate Sniper will have a fee avoidance mode to prevent snipes from going through at a higher anti-snipe tax than you have set.

Trading Pause Avoidance

Utilizing the tx spam technology will ensure your purchase goes through as the token developers enable trading


Multi wallet mode will allow you to split your purchases into multiple wallets either owned by you or auto-generated. You will be able to withdraw all these tokens into your main wallet, or dump them with a single click.

Wallet limit bypass

Utilizing multi-wallet mode will allow you to avoid token wallet limits.

Buy cooldown bypass

Utilizing multi-wallet mode will allow you to bypass standard buy cooldowns

Tier List

Tier 1: Orbital BOG Cannon: 7,500 BOG/Hold

Access to Mempool Sniping & TX Spam Mode
99% Fee Avoidance, Tx Limit Bypass, Trading Pause Avoidance

Tier 2: Intergalactic BOG Super Sniper: 10,000 BOG/Hold

Multi-Wallet Mode, Wallet Limit Bypass & Buy Cooldown Bypass

As an exclusive Bogged.Finance Trading Tool, You must hold 7500 BOG in your wallet to use the Ultimate Sniper. Staked LP and BOG does not count towards your holdings for access to this tool.

Buy $BOG on BogSwap: https://app.bogged.finance/swap



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