Bogged platform developments, updates and news: January 2023

Read on to find out about internal development at Bogged, and what the team has been working on for the past few weeks.

It’s been a few weeks since we last addressed the community, and many of our devoted users and followers are eager to know what’s been brewing behind-the-scenes. So without any further frills, let’s dive into what’s been happening at Bogged!

Laying the groundwork for growth

Late 2022 and early 2023 has been a busy period for Bogged internally, mostly due to our heightened focus on business growth and brand establishment, as well as the development work being put into our full platform revamp. (more on the revamp later in this article)

As set in motion by our reimagined ethos, Q2/Q3 2022 was when we began to focus on the growth of Bogged as a Business. We recruited relevant team members and began consultation with industry experts on how to best create and nurture corporate relations so we could fulfil our goals of becoming a market-leading DeFi destination.

We are seeing the results of this work right now- in the past few weeks (as of January 2023), we have had multiple meetings and sessions with market leading DeFi builders and investors, and are in the process of negotiating multiple integrations and partnerships. Topics discussed include platform investment, grants, co-operative partnerships and direct integration with various platforms.

We can’t wait to share more news about these meetings once more information can be released.

By focusing on the above groundwork we are putting Bogged in a prime position for incredible growth and success in the coming years.

Creating a stable, safe and enduring platform

It’s no secret that the overall crypto market is currently performing poorly, which has been challenging for many DeFi projects.

Bogged aims to ensure platform resilience, regardless of market trends For example, stakers are enjoying 5–6% APR, thanks to our unique staking model that is not reliant on unstable staking economics which have been devastating for a variety of DeFi projects in the past couple of weeks.

A further testament to the current resilience of the Bogged platform is our continued demand; In the past two quarters, daily platform volume has hovered between $1M-$4M, which continuously benefits stakers and the platform. We’re also seeing a steady growth in projects using our Token Teams portal to interact with and list on the platform.

The Bogged founders are committed to developing and implementing features and policy that ensure the platform’s resilience for years to come.

Building the ultimate DeFi experience

Our dev team has been working incredibly hard since we posted our last article, announcing the Bogged Platform Revamp, with features including a complete perpetual futures platform and fully revamped trading interface. Unfortunately, as some users have noticed, the launch of this update has been delayed slightly.

This hasn’t been a decision taken lightly, but we believe that when dealing with financial software there are no do-overs when live, especially when designing a platform to handle billions of dollars in volume.

We are taking the time to ensure that the finished product features the reliability and safety Bogged users have come to expect from the platform. The team is also laying a lot of groundwork for future updates; this release will carry upcoming features that aim to revolutionise how traders interact with DeFi.

Some tasks that the dev team have been working on for the update include:

  • Finalising the revamped limit orders, including testing and auditing the new router
  • Full, comprehensive tests and audits of all new smart contracts and code interacting with user funds. This is critical to ensure funds remain safe at all times.
  • Mobile testing to ensure that the platform is just as powerful, accessible and reliable on mobile browsers as on desktop
  • Adding more customisation and settings to the trading experience
  • Last UI tweaks and tests to make trading as user-friendly as possible
A screenshot of the upcoming perpetual trading UI

Looking to the future

Our immediate goal is to get the trading revamp finished, we expect to have a new release date announced shortly on our Telegram announcement channel and Twitter. We’ll also be posting these Medium updates more frequently, to ensure our community stays as in-the-loop as possible about internal developments at Bogged.

While the dev team works on the release, the business development team will continue to draft and enact strategies that will shape Bogged as a key DeFi player. The team are currently in the process of plotting the platform’s internal KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), and expect to publish these, along with a strategy to make the most out of the data gathered, which will guide Bogged as it grows through 2023 and beyond.

Outreach with other key DeFi organisations will also continue, and a marketing strategy will be developed to ensure market-wide awareness of the redesigned and improved platform.

Ultimately, Bogged’s goal is to build. We hope to spend 2023 creating tools that will shape DeFi trading for the coming decade, and we’re looking forward to having the early adaptors reading this now along for the ride. As always, we’re happy to take any kind of feedback, so feel free to get directly in touch with the team using the links at the end of this article.

The Bogged ecosystem — The ultimate DeFi destination

Bogged offer a wide range of DeFi tools not covered in this article, including;

If you’d like to learn more about the Bogged platform, please visit If you’d like to get in touch with the team or community, you can do so on Reddit, Twitter, Discord and our Telegram Group.

For more information about upcoming features you can follow us on our Medium or Telegram Channel.



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